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Declaring War On Nostalgia Declaring War On Nostalgia
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Declaring War On Nostalgia

Someone reblogged this from me recently and it reminded how much I love Ricky/his music and how awesome and crazy it was recording this album with him. It’s all still fresh in my mind.

This was in December of 2011; I was in the middle of moving to Tallahassee and Ricky had just come back from California and the Occupy protests there. A huge thunderstorm rolled up in the middle of our recording session and part of the reason we decided to do this song completely acoustic was because lightning struck and totally fried my guitar amp (the smoke alarm in the background is a result of the power surge) I put one mic a few feet in front of him and one on the opposite side of the room - it was this huge, high-walled room with tile floor and it just had an awesome reverb to it. The end result is one of the most powerful songs I’ve ever had the honor of recording.